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Why does Lola only sell refurbished computers and tablets?

October 23, 2015 in Blog, Good to Know by Brittney  |  Comments Off on Why does Lola only sell refurbished computers and tablets?

Lola will only sell refurbished computers to its customers for 2 simple reasons:

  1. Reduces e-waste in landfills.
  2. Reduces price when buying refurbished.

In 2000 more than 4.6 million tons of e-waste ended up in landfills, according to the US EPA. Between 2003 and 2005 as much as 85 percent of disposed electronics went straight into the trash then to landfills or incinerators. Worldwide, as much as 50 million tons of old electronics are discarded annually. Some of you may be saying to yourself “So, what? All of my other waste goes to landfills.” The issue is not e-waste in landfills, but the hazardous chemicals released into our atmosphere when not recycled properly.

Everyone likes to save money. It’s a clear-cut fact. But with saving money you also want the best value; why save money if you don’t get what you want or need at the end? You could spend thousands of dollars to have the latest and greatest laptop or desktop PC and all you are going to use it for is surf the web or check emails. You wasted your money, yes, it may be the best computer on the market, but how much do you really use it? When buying refurbished you save money and you get exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less. Does it have “top of the line” features, no, it may not, but it gets the job done. In our store front and office we use refurbished computers for all of our business needs. We wouldn’t sell something we don’t or wouldn’t use ourselves.

Lola Wireless will never sell you something you don’t need. We talk to you, individually, to find what you need and provide it to you. That simple!

We go by the saying “KISS: Keep it Simple, Silly”

Reduce E-Waste-Buy Refurbished



#WCW 10.21.15

October 21, 2015 in Blog, WCW by Brittney  |  Comments Off on #WCW 10.21.15

#WCW Samantha John

Samantha John

Samantha John is an entrepreneur and co- founder of Hopscotch, an app where children have the ability to program their own games and animation. Before founding Hopscotch, Samantha worked as an engineer at Pivotal Labs in New York City and taught many programming classes to beginners. After graduating from Columbia University with a degree in Applied Mathematics, she taught herself programming. At age 26, Samantha has succeeded in many ways and is an inspiration for woman young and old, which is why Samantha John is out Woman Crust Wednesday on October 21, 2015.


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Trusted by Stone Park

October 20, 2015 in Blog, Good to Know by Brittney  |  No Comments

Trust by Stone Park for Communication Needs

In January 2014 Lola Wireless became the IT Consultant and Telecommunications Provider for the Village of Stone Park. Lola Wireless was able to network all village buildings together to obtain effortless communication between all buildings and provides IT consulting for all village buildings (Village Hall, Police Department, Fire Department, etc.) The village also uses internet and phone service from Lola Wireless for communication needs.

Lola Wireless would now like to extend its services to all village residents and businesses. The services Lola Wireless is able to provide to residents and businesses are Internet, phone, and computer repair. If you are looking for a computer, Lola Wireless also has a retail store for refurbished computers for home, school, or work.

For more information, please call (630) 496-9960

Visit us at our retail store located at 1809 N Mannheim Rd in Stone Park. We are inside of the Stone Park Community Center.

#MCM 10.19.2015

October 19, 2015 in Blog, MCM by Brittney  |  No Comments

#MCM Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit.

AlexisAfter graduating from UVA in 2005, Alexis and his co-founder Steve Huffman started Reddit. Quoted from his personal website,, “Making the world sucks less” is what Alex focuses on when funding and investing in companies people enjoy, thus making the world suck less.

Alexis has been involved in many fields from tech startups to creating and hosting a show, Small Empires. He has even written a national bestselling book, Without Their Permission. Alexis has also spoken at TED.

Alexis was named on Forbes 30 under 30 list two years in a row! At age 32, Alexis has accomplished many endeavors and has become a role model for many young entrepreneurs around the world, which is why he is our Man Crush Monday on October 19, 2015





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#TBT 10.15.15

October 15, 2015 in Blog, TBT by Brittney  |  No Comments


#‎TBT‬ First Fully Functional Computer: ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator).


ENIAC was invented by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly at the University of Pennsylvania in attempt to calculate artillery firing table for the United States Army’s Ballistic Laboratory. It was also used for general purposes, such as solving numerical problems.The construction for ENIAC began in 1943 and was not completed until 1946. The hardware to build ENIAC consisted of 17,468 vacuum tubes and 15,000 relays; weighing in at almost 50 tons and used about 1,800 square feet of space! If we were to use a computer that big in our homes today, we would need to build an addition to the house.

Tablet Computer
If you look at the computer you are using today, you can clearly see how technology in computers has advanced over decades. We now have laptops we can carry from place to place. What about tablets or smart phones? They are also considered small computers. From researching to communicating, computers have become the way of our lifestyle and is coming to the point where we are unable to function without them.

What does the future hold for computers?

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#WCW 10.14.15

October 15, 2015 in Blog, WCW by Brittney  |  No Comments

        Cisco Router  

#‎WCW‬ Sandra “Sandy” Lerner Co-Founder of Cisco. Sandy received her undergraduate degree in political science at California State University, a master’s degree in econometrics from Claremont Graduate School, and a master’s degree in statistics and computer science from Stanford University. During the early 1980’s while working at Stanford University as Director of Computer Facilities for the Graduate School of Business with Len Bosack, Director of Computer Facilities for Stanford’s Computer Science Department, they found they were unable to email each other from different buildings, because the networks weren’t able to talk to each other. In order to solve the issue they invented the technology to connect and translate one network to another, which is called “multi-protocol router” In 1984 Lerner and Bosack founded Cisco Systems Inc, which is now a world-wide leader in IT with their innovative Internet routers.


In August of 1990, Lerner stepped down as Vice President of Customer Service. Cisco went public later that year and Lerner and her husband (Len Bosack) found themselves in possession of $85 million in stock. They began selling off some of their stock and with much of it they created a charitable foundation. Through Cisco’s success Sandy became the first female philanthropist to emerge from the Silicon boom era and she has gone to fund a number of unusual pet projects, including the cosmetics company Urban Decay Inc, founded 1995.

Through the years Sandy has been influential in the tech world as well as for the well being of others, which is why Sandy Lerner is our Woman Crush Wednesday on October 14, 2015.
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