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Traditionally, enterprises have used the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for  business phone needs, which is basically a circuit switched network. With the PSTN system a telephone call essentially takes control of the telephone line for the entire duration of the call, which not a very efficient or cost effective way to make calls. In addition, the PSTN is a heavily regulated network, so taxes are charged on every telephone call.

The migration to VoIP enterprise phone solutions has been rapid over the last few years.  Numerous advantages arise while using VoIP technology over the traditional circuit switched system. For our Lola@thecorp market segment, an enterprise is considered to be one with  greater than 100 employees.

Previously, the demand from large companies to move to a business’ VoIP solutions has been scarce, since they have already paid a substantial amount of money for their PBX and have the misconception of the need to throw away their PBX in order to move to VoIP. However, not the case with Lola Wireless, which can accommodate enterprises of any size. Lola Wireless offers dedicated servers for our enterprise customers – often referred to as an on-premise IP PBX.

Lola Wireless will add equipment to convert the circuit switched outputs from the PBX into IP packets and then passes them to a Voice Enabled Router, which also handles the company data network. All of the IP packets, voice and data, are then routed to the internet. The company may then remove the expensive phone lines or the Primary Rate Interface (PRI) previously sent to the PSTN. Typically, large businesses can save over 30% in their monthly telephony costs after switching to Lola Wireless enterprise VoIP solution.

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