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AVS – Advanced Voicemail Server

Our Advanced Voicemail Server (AVS) has been designed for the specific needs of mobile network operators.  The AVS is scalable system that allows you to start up with limited capacity and scale up along the way (via hardware upgrade) according to your business needs. The core features of the basic system will handle the needs of most mobile network operators.  At the same time the platform is flexible, and it is possible to add features for specific needs.

The AVS is designed to work with any mobile network switch that can provide an E1/T1 PRI or SIP connection. Administrator access is available to monitor and optimize the platform. To ensure problem free implementation we include  remote installation and configuration in the system price. On site installation and training is also available. Top level support is provided by the system developers, so our customers have direct contact with the real experts of the system. Several different types of support programs are available, including after hours support.



    • Password protection
    • Separate away, and unavailable greetings
    • Default or custom greetings
    • Multiple mail folders
    • Email delivery of voicemail with audio file attachment
    • Voicemail forwarding


    • Web interface for checking of voicemail
    • CID prior to voicemail
    • Review, re-record, or save voicemails
    • Review, re-record, or save busy, unavailable, prompts
    • Receive Faxes and forward to Email as PDF
    • >Group voicemail (voicemail broadcast)
    • Voicemail Indicator*

*Requires SMSC that supports SMPP protocol

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