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Having many years of experience in the networking, electrical engineering, RF and computer programming fields, we have quickly devised and filled the missing gaps to make the Harmony system a truly desirable and one of a kind radio system. The first milestone was crossed when we successfully integrated our own linux based, fully redundant SMSC onto our MSO. Running multiple stress and load tests we were successfully able to process over 1,000 sms/sec.

A few weeks later the topic of integrating interconnect was brought up with the capability of using subscriber units as part of a PBX. With no available product like it on the market it was back to the drawing board. Within weeks we have developed our  iDEN® MSO VoIP gateway, powered by linux. This was great success, as being VoIP carrier ourselves, we were now able to integrate cost saving calling into our MSO, subscribers could be part of a private PBX if desired and the freedom of assigning a DID from any calling market was achieved.

We continue to work on improving our system, making it more reliable and robust each and every day. All the products we offer have been tested on our own system and are built with the iDEN®MSO operator in mind. We have decided to share our innovative ideas and solutions, to truly make the iDEN® MSO Harmony system the most sought out radio system in the industry.

We understand that every iDEN® MSO operator can have different needs, for this reason, we not only offer great innovative products, but we offer our years of experience as well. Each system is tailored to our customers specific needs and operating requirements. By combining our products and services together we truly create a worry free environment for the iDEN® MSO operator.

MSO Services We Offer:


  • System monitoring and maintenance
  • Consulting services
  • Backup and recovery support
  • DID service termination provider (standard and SMS enabled)


Although, some items listed may not be available for immediate integration due to beta testing and pending development, they are listed to provide customers with the knowledge of their existence, which will be identified with “In Development Stage” statement on the respected item page.

Products We Offer:





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  • Up to 40Mbps Upload
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BusinessFax Service
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